Abc strategy: the 6 keys to success for bluffing

One of the most sought after aspects of the game of poker is undoubtedly bluffing . Considered an art by almost everyone, it represents a dream for many. A sort of guide, where we must keep in mind several fundamental elements, so that the bluff can be successful. Useful for newbies, but a great refresher also for those who have been playing for longer and often encounter some problems in bluffing.

Preferably heads up

To get a great bluff to take home, the ideal is to try to place it in heads up situations . If you have only one opponent to face in the hand, that’s a good start. Against two or more opponents it becomes almost impossible to study an effective strategy to get the better of bluffing. The fewer opponents we have ahead of us, the easier it will be to have positive results.

Choose your opponent carefully

When we opt for a bluff, the type of opponent to face becomes decisive . If it is a non- bluffable player we are only wasting time and chips. Conversely, if on the other side we have a ” rational ” player then the chances of success with our bluff increase. For this reason, before trying to bluff it would be advisable to have a minimum knowledge of playing styles and to be able to assign these styles to the players we have at our table.

Tell a true story (or almost)

The Bluff is based in particular on the story we are trying to tell . The more truthful and close to what is shown by the board, the more chances there are to close the bluff in our favor. Conversely, the less credible it is, the less likely it is to bluff that hand. In the story we try to “tell”, the size of our episodes greatly influence . Therefore, it becomes crucial to calibrate the credible sizes to perfection . We must always give the feeling of betting for value and never at random.

The position at the table

A bluff in position is less risky than out of position . It may happen that it does not go well, but at least we do not expose ourselves to excessive risks and theoretically we always have the last word. In short, to make an excellent bluff it is important to be in position on the rival . Very often he will check and we will have the field in the spare bet of a certain thickness, putting pressure on the opponent.

Always look at the rival’s stack

We previously talked about the importance of size when bluffing. The same goes for our rival’s stack . The tighter it is, the less worth a bluff . If he really does have a hand, we also risk remaining committed and thus discovering our lotto 4d game. A deep stack , on the other hand, guarantees less dangers from this point of view. But pay attention to the size we will use. The importance of calibrating the right amount, in relation to the chips our opponent holds at that precise moment.

An emergency door

Among the keys to success to get a good bluff, there is also to consider a kind of withdrawal from the hand, if things start to go wrong . There is no better quality for a player than knowing grand dragon lotto when the hand is lost and it is impossible to place the bluff . For this reason, having an emergency door available helps and not a little. Retreat is still a lifeline.